Critical Update Notification — Next 8 Days Plan

Shiba Police

First of all, a warm welcome to everyone. We would like to apologise for what happened few days ago and thank you everyone for supporting us in this hard time.

Nov. 15th — Monday
1.All Trading are closed temporarily, including PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, and IndoEx

Nov. 16th Tuesday
2.Download new version of ShibaWallet app to check whether you’re eligible to gain Shiba Police NFT

Nov. 17th Wednesday
3.Upgrade the wallet app, apply for being a Shiba Police, let’s defend our Shiba community

Nov. 18th Thursday
4.The smart contract Security Company will publish our new contract Audit Report. And Solana Prize will be distributed to voters.

Nov. 19th — Friday
5.New contract for SHWA token will deploy, all holders will get compensation according to their balance

Nov. 20th — 21st
6.ShibaWallet Market Promotion, and IndoEx trading will be opening, and Bounty for bug will be releasing.

Nov. 23rd Next Tuesday
7.CoinTiger is going to list our token, open trading and campaign rewards

Compensation Rules:
105% compensation for <= 100K Token Holders
107% compensation for > 100K & <= 500K Token Holders
109% compensation for > 500K Token Holders
111% compensation for CAKE-LP Holders

Holders address confirmation

CAKE-LP Holders address confirmation: