The Prosperity of ShibaWallet and What it has Accomplished?

  1. Hackathon on DoraHacks

ShibaWallet has actively participated hackathon on DoraHacks Global who has tweeted the rank of the current projects and ShibaWallet is in №10. As a new project in the fields, ShibaWallet is beloved by its users.

And Solana officially announced the ranking as the screenshot below shown, We will work hard to contribute our great work on Solana chain for users.

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ShibaWallet on DoraHacks 2021–10–18

2.Listed on BscProject has listed ShibaWallet on the platform where has hundreds of thousands of users around the world, that made us more accessible to global users. See here.

ShibaWallet on BscProject

3.Presented on Dapp has also listed ShibaWallet on its platform and we will grow together.

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ShibaWallet on

4.Listed on PancakeSwap and SushiSwap

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