🔥Vote to Win — 1.25x Returns Immediately🔥

Vote to Win! — ShibaWallet

ShibaWallet has joined the Moonriver hackathon on Dorahacks and we invite all shiba users to vote for us.

3 Steps to Vote & Win:

  1. Vote on https://dorahacks.io/buidl/1375?roundProj=1766
  2. Go to Telegram group https://t.me/ShibaWalletPro_Official
  3. In the group, send the transaction hash and your address, and ask for @JohnnyCheung20 to send your returns, he will send you directly without limits.


1.Alice has voted 1 poll for ShibaWallet just now on DoraHacks.

2.Then Alice went to Moonscan.io to find her transaction hash which is 0x63d8e0cd86bd6cba4584b80ee599054e526b8840fdd3ced000ab90d707b74be6

3.She also sent her address (0xB94C2Fd06D83133Cd6Dc975898B9F180B67c5988) to the Telegram group and she received 1 * 1.25 returns.